April 2017

It's been a long time since the last update. 
The Craftworks ENR has been very well received, and  we've been very busy with all the spin-off activity associated with it. 

Here are some links to reviews of the Craftworks ENR: 

Mountain Biking Australia Magazine: Issue Feb/Mar/Apr 2017

New Zealand Mountain Biker: Issue #81 Feb/Mar 2017

March 2016

Craftworks releases the ENR!
This is the first production bike to feature the i-track suspension system, and the first high-pivot  Enduro production bike available to the public!

Craftworks ENR

For more information, visit www.craftworkscycles.com

January 2015

Looks like the people at Bikerumor.com have been checking out the i-track website!
Here's a link to their write up about i-track suspension.
It's great to see that they understand what i-track is all about!

August 2014

Flow Mountain Bike have just finished their test of Prototype 3!
Follow this link to check out what they thought of it.

May 2014

The last few months has been pretty busy, with lots of life's other priorities, like 'real' jobs, and newborn babies!
Nevertheless, we're proud to be finally showing off our latest prototype, cleverly named P3:
It's a 650b wheeled, 6" travel All-Mountain bike. Jump over to our P3 page to check out all the details!

April 2014

It's been a while since we have updated the website. In fact, we only just updated the news section below since our visit to Interbike in September 2013. Make sure you catch up on all the news below!

September 2013 - Interbike!

Semptember was a big month for us. We managed to make the long journey from Australia to Las Vegas for Interbike 2013. We also took our two DH bikes with us to show to the world!
We met loads of lovely people in the bike community, and was really refreshing to see the human side of the industry.

Here's a couple of photos of the prototype DH bikes at Interbike:

To coincide with our trip to Interbike, we were also very fortunate to have Jordan Cole from Craft Store make a short video featuring the main man behind i-track suspension, Hugh McLeay.
This video seemed to catch a fair bit of attention, and we'd like to thank the many websites that shared it!

30th August 2013

Prototype 2 is all dressed up, ready to go out for a ride!
This bike has some really nice parts on it; we're incredibly grateful to our sponsors who have helped out with all these great components.

This bike will be attending Interbike 2013 in Las Vegas. If you see us there, feel free to come up and say hi, and we'll be happy to give you a test ride!

Jump over to the P2 page to see more details about this bike.

22nd July 2013

Check out downhill247.com for an article on i-track suspension!


Also, for those that missed out on reading about Hugh McLeay in Flow Mountain Bike Magazine Issue #3, you can now download it here.

14th July 2013

Prototype 2 is finished!
Jump over to the P2 page to check it out!


16th May 2013

We've been having so much fun riding this bike that it's been hard to nail down a time to get it painted and photographed.

Late last month, we were finally able to part with this bike for a couple of weeks, so we sent it to Grip Sport in Melbourne for a paint job. They did an absolutely fantastic job painting this frame, and we're really pleased with the results.

We'd also like to thank Eighty One Spices components, the Australian distrubutor for Syntace, Carbocage, and Formula brakes, for decking out this bike with some extremely nice components.
In fact, we're pleased to announce that the addition of these components has helped shed some weight from this bike.
It now tips the scales at 18.4kg with pedals.

Don't forget, we're very keen to see our bikes make it to production, so if this bike gets your heart pumping, then spread the word and tell your favourite manufacturer to get on board with i-track suspension.

Check out the Pictures over on the P1 Page: here
And make sure you scroll down far enough to check out the time-lapse video of the assemby process!


16th April 2013

Check out issue #3 of Flow Mountain Bike magazine to read about the man behind i-track suspension, Hugh McLeay.
For Australian and New Zealand readers, it will be on the shelves of your local newsagent from April - June 2013.
Overseas readers can purchase a digital version here for a small fee.
It's a great magazine, full of articles that will inspire you to get out and ride!

12th February 2013

Previously, we had an interesting article here about how the slope of the anti-squat curve affects the Wheel Rate. We've now moved this article to it's relevant location on the theory page, here.

5th February 2013

In between rides on P1, we've been quietly working away at the P2 prototype.
It's a 4-bar version, also featuring a rearward wheel path like P1.
We had great difficulty in deciding which of these prototypes would be the first one built.
In the end, we decided that the single pivot version (P1) would be the first, as it is the 'purest' embodiment of i-track suspension.
P2 however offers some neat benefits over P1, as it features an improved acceleration response, wheel rate, and braking response.

Jump over to the P2 page to see some details.


January 2013

After many hours of design and fabrication, we’re very proud to announce the launch of our first prototype. Ingeniously dubbed 'Prototype 1' or P1 for short.

Click here for the details.



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